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E-Learning In Higher Education System In Pandemic Trapped India: A Study On Two Higher Education Institutions

Indian education system has faced a major challenge during COVID-19 Pandemic owing to the fact that consecutive phases of Lockdown. Due to the closure of most of the educational institutions, the conventional education system has been severely damaged. However, this COVID-19 pandemic situation has paved the way for e-learning and made it more popular. E-learning is a general term used to refer to a type of learning where the instructor and the student are separated by space or time where the gap between the two is bridged through the use of online technologies. But the striking question is, has online education strengthened the digital divide? Digital divide addresses the gap between those who have access to the information technology, and those who do not. Technological advancement or use of ICT in educational environment may create the gaps or divides known as digital divides.
This paper focuses on the two major themes, that is, the concept of e-learning or online learning and the concept of digital divide and second one is, whether e-learning is strengthened or narrowing this digital divide. This paper also tries to identify the major causes for digital divide in educational environment and tries to suggest some possible solutions to overcome this situation.

Keywords: Digital Divide, Online Education, e-learning, COVID-19, e-classroom

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