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Abstract: Kamala Markandaya is one of the prominent women writers who has very well examined and developed Indian reality through her novels. Nectar in a Sieve is one of the best novels written by Kamala Markandaya in the annals of Indian fiction. Her grasp of Indian life cycle is unique and she has properly and effectively narrated industrial Indian village life based on poverty and exploitation of human resources. These social and cultural aspects of Indian village towards the industrial revolution are carefully noted in Nectar in a Sieve by Markandaya. As a writer she has very well painted the cross section of the changing Indian village. These facts are realistic and objective enough. Kamala Markandaya had deep understanding of Indian as well as Western social and cultural life. The study of cultural aspects in Indian women novelists is immensely significant because these works became vehicle of cultural transformation through various forms of narrative themes. Kamala Markandaya as a writer is not an exception to this phenomenon. The cultural understanding of Kamala Markandaya keeps her on the top. Further it has been observed that it is only when Markandaya subjects her theme to a far deeper probing that she is able to create living characters in meaningful dilemmas. Her characters in the novel Nectar in a Sieve touch grass root realities based on perfect cultural understanding.

Keywords: Culture, Reflection, Social, Indian, Western, Custom, Tradition, Handicraft

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