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Geopolitics, History, International Relations and Re-Crafting TPLF Secession in Ethiopia and Destabilization in the Horn of Africa

The word terrorism means the deliberate creation and exploitation of fear for bringing about political change. All terrorist acts involve violence or—equally important—the threat of violence. The form of violence takes place on the name of language, tribal group ethnicity and religion. TPLF is one of the examples in North East Africa and in Horn consistently believe in violence on the pretext of one or the other mentioned above. The history explains that the violence cannot be justify today on the name of EPRDF movement/Marxist dominance or CIA supported antiterrorist/Capitalist ideology connecting international links. Further, the violence with the international weapon system doesn’t misnomer with international solidarity. The current crisis in Ethiopia ultimately is the geopolitical gluttony of lust for power, American pang of hunger of absolute control on oil and mineral resources on the name of terrorism and TPLF excitement of re-crafting ideology for the Tigre empire and future its secession as Tigre independent State. The ultimate loss to the Horn of Africa destabilization, which is fighting against all odds of natural calamity and weapon movement in this region.

Keywords: Ethnonationalism, Secession, Ideology, Cold War, Globalization & Horn

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