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The global lockdown following the massive spread of COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be a bitter pill to swallow for prevailing domestic violence sufferers with news data reporting a steep rise in the cases of intimate abuse and femicide in almost each country of the globe. The contagion leaves no section of the society at mercy, but news reports from different parts of the world verify the coronavirus as having a severe side effect on women amidst the quarantine period. This research articleshowcases the disturbing rise in the women helpline distress calls all over the world and will address this sensitive issue by throwing light on the grave matters concerningan upsurge in intimate abuse cases across the planet, which have reportedly resulted in a sudden hike in unwanted pregnancies and marital rapes, acceleration of femicide rate, and how mother’s abuse is spreading drastically to children. The data will be collated from varied news sources all over the world to address this silent pandemic on a collective level. Furthermore, this paper will dissect the social, economic, and psychological causes that lead an abuser to increase his violent activities amid crisis and the resultant physical and psychological effects on the victim. Finally, I will recommend various remedial measures that can sustainably help protect mental and bodily health of intimate violence victims during the quarantine period.

Keywords: Corona, Quarantine, Domestic Abuse, Female Health, Humanity, Pandemic

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