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Spatial Significance Of Socio-Political Movements Against Anthropogenic Destruction Of Residual Hills: A Case Of Kashipur Block In Purulia District, West Bengal

Political dynamics of space and place are associated with different socio-economic factors that also influence local grass-root level politics of a region. Geo-ethnicity is the main discourse of public demonstrations with mass participation and evolved as a core issue of these types of socio-political movements. In this paper, an attempt has been made to explain spatial dynamics of numerous small socio-political movements against anthropogenic destruction of various residual hills particularly located in Ramonigora, Danurdi-Palgara area and other mouzas of Barrah gram panchayat of Kashipur Block in Purulia district, West Bengal from 2015-18. The present study is based on intensive field work, household survey and interviews to analyze the identification of spatial characteristics of public protests of local Adibasi-Mulbasi (tribal and indigenous) people. This paper also intends to establish an alternative political counter discourse with spatial significance and dynamics of place.

Key words: Habitus of Marang Buru, Adibasi-Mulbasi resistance, Majistan or Maji Than, Religious significance of residual hills

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