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Environmental Awareness Through Environmental Films: An Overview


Environmental Films can be used to develop people’s sustainable thinking. There have been many environmental films from 1964 to 2019 focusing on environmental issues. Although these films seem to be the logistics of the environment and the digital world, they are a suitable way to educate mass people about the environment in an informal way. These environmental films are the path to environmental gates. The environmental film is actually a real-world reel experience on environmental issues. Through environmental film, people are learning sustainable environmental thinking and growing their environmental knowledge too. At present, many scientific methods are being considered to save nature, but if these environmental films are included with the course curriculum, they will be beneficial to sustainable development. Environmental issues-oriented Films are helpful for making awareness, consciousness, and decision-making process to cope the contemporary environmental issues. The Reel of environmental films can present real environmental facts on contemporary issues of the environment that are important for academicians to politicians for environmental education. This article highlights the importance of environmental films to make environmental awareness of mass people.

Keywords: Sustainable Thinking, Sustainable Development, environmental awareness, environmental knowledge, environmental education

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