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Sponge Iron Industry In Barjora industrial area, Bankura district, West Bengal: An Environmental impact assessment


The industry has got severe negative consequences over the growth and development of any area. The present investigation was carried out in the Barjora area, Bankura, West Bengal to assess the impact of the sponge iron industry on the local environmental setup.The entire study was conducted through the survey method. Results reveal that the sponge iron set up in the Barjora area has severe negative consequences on various spheres of the environment. Results reveal a significant impact on agriculture, human health, impairment of water quality, air pollution, a decline in local flora and faunal status, changes in plant morphological and physiological features. Therefore, a suitable strategy formulation for eco-friendly alternatives is very much essential to minimize the impact of sponge iron setup in the Barjora area, West Bengal,India.To make various operations in the steel industry environment-friendly,environmental audit and life cycle assessment of existing steel plants (including sponge iron units) would be encouraged so that the relevant processes reduce emissions and effluents,minimize and better manage solid waste generation, and improve resource conservation such as energy and water.

Keywords: Agriculture, land quality, forest destruction ,water quality, human health

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