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Involvement of women in forest conservation-A comparative analysis of fringe villages in Sundarban Biosphere Reserve.

The participation of women in the environmental movements and their association with forest resources in some areas are notable throughout the world.A comparative study to understand the perception and participation of women in forest protection programmes in the fringe villages of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve is the main focus of this paper. Four villages from two blocks of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve are selected. The entire work is mainly based on primary data. For comparative analysis, Chi-square and Cramer’s V values are used. The ordinal regression method is used for relationship analysis. Although there are many differences in socio-economic factors and involvement in forest protection committees, there are no disagreements in the perception of women regarding the significance of forest protection of Sundarban. In fine, the focus is given on the inclusion of women’s ideas in the decision-making process for the advancement of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve.

Keywords: Decision making, Inclusion of women, Perception study, Women participation

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