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Humans’ ability to rethink, contemplate, and comprehend the inner essences of a matter of this kind is awe-inspiring. The self-reflective consciousness that drives human instincts is something that substantially contributes to human being’s self-monitoring, self-control, and self-reflection. The paper aims at exploring what sets humans apart from the other (especially from the non-humans). It is true that human beings are no different from non-human animals. Yet, they are a different kind of animal, an animal of yet another nature and characteristics, having freewill, an immutable soul, a nonphysical mind, and possessing some intrinsic characteristics from consciousness to language ability, from creativity to literature, from imagination to a drive towards perfectionism etc. A human becomes human by possessing the tendency of ‘to be’ attainable through moral thinking; human life blossoms in the course of its unique way of living and acting along with appreciating the glories of art, beauty and nature’s loveliness. Through analysing how humans go by all these traits in leading a life directed towards infinity, it becomes clear that there is no ultimatum to human life, there is always a continuance, and an emergence towards the better, and towards more than what we are. In a variety of contexts, the human-nonhuman differences have been revitalized throughout. Yet, the paper seeks for potential ideas and possibilities, to rediscover the gems of humane insights in creativity and abstract thinking, and providing opportunities for trans-human potentialities.

Keywords: development, creativity, perfection, imagination, humanism, moral thinking

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