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Federalism and the Minorities in Nigeria: A Geopolitical Analysis

This article examines federalism, its challenges, and minority agitations for equity and development in Nigeria. It explores the geopolitical analysis to have smooth development in Nigeria and seeks to abort all or any discrimination against the minorities section of the society. This paper further suggests the methods of enhanced protection of minorities’ rights and the practice of true federalism in Nigeria. Nigerian Governments have tried to practice federalism to promote equity and minorities’ rights, but they have failed to adhere to this doctrine as stipulated in the constitution, thereby raising the question of minority marginalization in Nigeria. This article assesses that unless the Government practices federalism as enshrined in the constitution and generates resource control, power sharing, equal rights, and accountability, it may become a permanent source of geopolitical conflicts in the coming days.

Keywords: Demography, Ethnicity, Languages, Geopolitical, Constitution & Protectionism

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