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Abstract: Coalition politics is an issue of Indian politics. Indian politics is trying its best to adjust to the coalition politics. Democratic form of government depends on public opinions, and its elected leader enjoys supremacy of the government. When all the parties which agree to work together for implementing a particular common minimum programme, but do not merge to form a new party, it may be said to have formed a coalition government. Coalition government is a new form of government and is a means of sharing power. Constitution gives opportunity for expression of ideas and democratic rights to small and regional parties. Coalition government promotes democracy and is a representative administration. However, sometimes coalition government is formed after declaration of election giving rise to horse trading for the purpose of providing majority in the House of Representatives. Further, the inherent complications and tensions within the coalition government creates problems in governance and administration. It is the federal political system of the country that is responsible for the growth and development of Coalition government.

Keywords: Coalition, federalism, Representative, horse trading, power sharing, hung parliament, Common Minimum Programme (CMP)

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