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A Study On Attitudes Of B.Ed. Student-Teachers Towards Online Coaching

This research paper was undertaken to study the attitudes of B.Ed. student-teachers towards online coaching. The data was collected in two-phase, Firstly by self-made questionnaire form wherein twenty-five questions were pioneered having 20 positives and 5 negative items along with the five-point Likert scale of strongly agree, agree, don’t know, disagree, strongly disagree carrying a weightage of 5,4,3,2,1 for the positive item and just the reverse in case of the negative item and secondly, an interview session was taken to all the participants to know the suggestions they have to overcome the challenges of online coaching. A total of 300 students have selected randomly of which 150 students were from the rural area and the other 150 students were from the urban area. To analyze the data; Frequency, Percentage, Mean, Standard deviation (S.D.), and ‘t’ test was used. Results revealed that overall 74 percent of B.Ed. student-teachers gave a positive attitude towards online coaching and 26 percent of B.Ed. student-teachers gave a negative attitude towards online coaching. Also, there was a significant difference in the attitudes toward online coaching among different variables. There were no significant differences found in the attitudes of rural and urban B.Ed. student-teachers.

Keywords: E-learning, Educational technology, Information and communications technology (ICT)

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