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Factors Influencing Purchase Preferences For Hand Embroidery Products By College Girls: Insights From A Small Town In India

The development of embroidery art has been worldwide in general and India in particular for many centuries. From handmade production to digital manufacturing, embroidery products have been commercialized into consumer market as part of modern fashion. As a result, consumer preference proves decisive on purchasing embroidery products but makes demand forecasting in embroidery industry more difficult compared to general consumer goods industry. Many factors are influencing purchase of embroidery products. There is a shift in trend to buy machine made products than handmade ones. To find out from young college going girls their preference for different embroideries and to know about their mode of making purchase decisions this study was carried out in Jamshedpur city. It was found that there is preference for machine embroidery over hand embroidery. Electronic and print media are very influential in purchase decisions. Price is an important factor considered by all.

Keywords: Hand and machine embroidery, Purchase decision, Influencing factors

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