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The Unreality of Time: A Critical Analysis

The problem of the metaphysics of time is whether the time is real or unreal. This paper will introduce some of the major positions and arguments concerning the unreality of time. We all know the external world is constantly changing. ‘Change is the only constant in life’. We get trapped in the illusion of time and space. But in reality, the past isn’t here anymore, the future yet to be seen, only the present moment seems to be real. But present time also flies or passes away very rapidly. Whenever we try to grasp it, it slips away. Before discussing the unreality of time, it is necessary to mention that we will deal with the ‘experience of time’ in this chapter. The mathematical or physicist concept of absolute time would not be discussed here. Firstly, ‘Motion is impossible’ would be discussed from Zeno’s paradox, followed by an effort to connect it with McTaggert’s argument on ‘Unreality of Time’. Then presentism and eternalism would be discussed in reference to the unreality of time.

Keywords: Change, A- theory, B-theory, Presentism, Eternalism, Reality

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