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Throughout the debated discourse of humanism, humans were considered as the only species endowed with reason and moral values. The result was an andro/anthropocentric humanism that divided everything into hierarchies and confined everything within boundaries. European model of higher education has undoubtedly been an enforcement of humanist ideas and ideologies which established certain humans as exceptional and superior to other ‘non-privileged’ humans and nonhuman animals. In this era of posthumanism all the imposed and imbibed boundaries between the human and nonhuman are being questioned, challenged and eliminated to create an open network of cross-species encounters.In this context this article through the theories of Posthuman philosophy and Critical Animal Studies proposes a shift towards posthuman ethics of inclusion and understanding in the field of classical humanities in India. This can be achieved by employing postontological methodstocreate and understand nonhuman representations. Theories and studies by posthuman scholars like Donna Haraway, RosiBraidotti, Cary Wolfe, Graham Harman form the basis of this paper. Thisarticle is an acknowledgement as well as an advocation of the shift happening across disciplines from humanities to posthumanities, which howeveris yet to make a movement in education in India.

Keywords: Animal Ethics, Posthuman Subjectivity, Animal Studies, Diffraction, Postontologies, Object Oriented Ontology.

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