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Major Personality Traits That Relates To The Life Outcomes Of An Individual In The Big Five Theory Of Personality: A Review Of Literature


The study aimed to find the major personality traits that relates with the life outcome of an individual in the big five theory. Personality is vital to every human being as it shows how an individual think, feel and behave in a different way from one person to another. The study involved the review of the big five personality traits theory as the key theory and relates the traits with some life outcomes based on educational achievement and job performance of an individual. By assuming all factors are constant, the review revealed that the conscientiousness was the major personality traits that were associated with educational achievement among the big five personality traits. Also the review revealed that openness to experience, agreeableness and neuroticism were the major personality traits that were related with job performance. However, This theory have not explain or consider the possibilities of other factors that can contribute in achieving or not achieving any life outcome of an individual regardless of having certain personality traits related to such achievement. The reviewer would recommend for the consideration of other factors such as socio-economic factors like healthy, income, environment and education on assessing the personality traits that can influence a certain life outcome of an individual.

Keywords: Educational Achievement, Job Performance, OCEAN, Venn diagram,

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