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Rethinking The Thorny Journey: Medical Women in Colonial India


While analyzing the status of the women in science and technology we often forget to address the remarkable work and contribution of Indian women in medical science. This paper aims to assess and historicise 1) the struggle for medical education by the women of India in colonial period through gender lens; 2) Impact of the medical education on social reform movement and women’s empowerment irrespective of caste, class race and region; 3) Intervening role of colonialism in growth and development , achievement and accomplishment of medical profession for Indian women; 4) Certain aspects that universalized the experience of some of the earliest Indian female doctors being a medical women and last but not least concurrency among the feminist consciousness, social reforms and emancipation of women socially and economically in 19th century India.

Keywords: Female, Empowerment, Gender-gap, Health education, Social reform

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