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Appreciation, Awareness and Attitude Of The Namasudra Community Towards Flood-Hazard and Its Impression On Social Lives And Livelihoods Pattern In Dakshin Dinajpur District, West Bengal: A Perception Study

Understanding and improving the public perception and attitude has become an important issue regarding flood hazard and risk management worldwide. Extreme floods have serious social and economic impacts on environment and livelihood pattern of the world community. This paper reports a study of the perceptions, awareness and attitude of the Namasudra community regarding flood-hazard and its impact on their social lives and livelihoods pattern in Dakshin Dinajpur district, West Bengal. The research adopted both quantitative and qualitative techniques using pre-tested households questionnaires, group discussions, perception study and Life History Methods for key informants. A sample of 753 (1.73 %) Namasudra households were interviewed applying Purposive Multi-Stage Stratified Random Sampling method and sample size was validated by using the Fisher formula. Descriptive statistics were used for the analysis of the data. Microsoft Excel v2007, SPSS v17.0, QGIS v2.8 software platform were used for statistical analysis and preparation of map and diagrams. The present study revealed that previous flood experience, proximity to the river, and length of residence were positively related to perception and awareness level. The paper also highlighted that flood hazard has become a serious threat in the eyes of the Namasudra community and severe floods destroyed their livelihood patterns with its tangible and intangible elements.

Keywords: Flood Probability, Traditional Knowledge, Social and Ecological System, Degree of Loss, Public Education, Development.

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