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Historical Study of Travancore -Cochin Social Relations: A Model to the Relationship between Native States during the British Period

Erstwhile Travancore and Cochin together form an integral part of sovereign India and associated themselves in a series of social endeavours. In the process of social formation, both the states underwent far-reaching changes. Travancore and Cochin, the neighbouring states; intermingled their culture and life from very long time. The social changes in Travancore directly or indirectly affected the Cochin states. While considering the relations of each State, there were diverse dimensions. Along with various disputes, they had maintained jovial relations with each other. Socially, economically and culturally they had irrevocable relations between them. Both the States had developed common art forms, performing arts, temple arts and religious festivals .From 1729 to 1949, social relations of Travancore and Cochin easily led to the formation of Travancore –Cochin Integration. The social reform movements of Travancore had great impact not only in Travancore but also in Cochin. Both states were the native states of British, maintained their own entity in their social relations. It is the model to other states. Ancient tradition of culture in the states helped to maintain a balanced and healthy social relation in the long run of its integration and finally formed as a modern State Kerala.

Keywords: Jenmam, Lineage, Nadu, Neetu, Rajapramukh, Rice-bowl, Savarna, Swaroopam, Vanchipala

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