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Rock carving on Ayodhya Hill: an avenue for geoheritage, geoconservation and environmental sensitization

The present paper aims to throw light on the environmental sensitivity illustrated through art on a hill signifying interface of nature and culture .Ayodhya Hill in Purulia district, displays an aspect of aesthetic attachment of humans with nature in the form of in-situ rock cut sculpture ‘PakhiPahar’which has transformed the bare hill into a piece of art. For the past three decades the hill has been sculpted by a group of local artists, creating around 65 birds.Even the boulders lying on the foot of the hill are sculpted, to save these fragile components of nature from stone quarrying and crushing machines which are demolishing and fragmenting the rocks and hills of the chotanagpur terrain to gather stone chips for commercial use.

It may also be argued by a few ,that the natural environment of Matha range of Ayodhya Hill is infringed upon for the sake of art. The present researcher seeks to explain through empirical observation, narrative analysis and perception study of local people whether PakhiPahar is an “Aesthetic Regard” or “Aesthetic Affront” for nature. This paper also tries to bring in to focus the future potential of this cultural landscape in developing as a tourism site and giving employment to the local youth

Keywords: Environmental Sensitivity, Art, Aesthetic attachment, Tourism Site, Cultural Landscape

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